ENT Department

ENT Department

Ear, Nose & Throat

Earache, sore throat and sinus problems are commonly noticed in people of all age groups, but ENT ailments could be more severe as deemed. Hence Sama Hospital has a full-fledged ENT department equipped with latest tools and instruments that aid in treating all kinds of ENT diseases and infections.


Following are the aliments that are generally related to ears:

Deafness – This refers to the inability of a human being to hear. A person can become deaf due to various reasons.

Vertigo – This denotes the incorrect acuity of motion.

Ear injury – It could be injury of ear canal, outer, middle or inner ear. It could be due to any unbearable sound or because of the insertion of any sharp material in the ear.

Ear cancers – Like other cancers, ear cancers could also occur.

Following are the aliments that are generally related to nose:

Sinusitis – This is the condition when there is an inflammation of sinuses. This state usually lasts up to 4 weeks and it is the case of acute sinus. But if the condition persists up to 2-3 months it is called chronic sinus.

Nasal polyps – This ailment occurs when sac-like tumors develop and cause inflammation of the lining of the tissues in the nose. Often, the large polyps block the nasal airway.

Rhinitis – It is caused due to inhale of allergic materials like pollen or dust


Following are the aliments that are generally related to throat:

Tonsillitis – Tonsils infection

Gastric reflux – When esophagus receives the stomach acids due to the upward movement of the acids

Throat allergies – Viral and bacterial allergies

Pharyngitis – Pharynx inflammation

Throat cancer

Most of the ear, nose and throat diseases come and go on their own; but if the problem persists for a longer period of time or reoccur at the intervals, you must consult a health expert. At that Sama Hospital is at your service.

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